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Nuño Makes Point on Educational Reform

2 years ago


The News

Secretary of Public Education Aurelio Nuño reiterated that the condition to start a dialogue with section 22 of National Coordinator of Education Workers (CNTE) is to propose advances in the educational reform only, asking for openness on the part of the dissident teachers.

This Monday Nuño visited Oaxaca and held a speech in a primary school in front of teachers and students.

“We know the educational reform has generated lots of expectation and worries, and we must discuss it. There are many rumours surrounding the reform that need to be cleared and discussed”. He added that he sought to “listen, that you tell me what worries you, the themes you’re concerned about and that in a very respectful way we may all dialogue and discuss.”

He also spoke of the second chance for teachers that have not been evaluated, emphasizing that those who would be summoned again and did not appear would be separated from their posts as teachers, this being their last chance to be evaluated.

“The educational reform is a reality that must be accepted and advance here in Oaxaca, but from that point on there are great avenues to continue working”, he stated.

While with Nuño Mayer the teachers asked the federal and state authorities to dialogue with their union leaders, although the official did not stray from protocol.

“The federal government wants to dialogue, but not just for the law to be followed; dialogue is wanted to build an educational transformation together (…) for this openness on both parts is needed, because if the union leadership does not want openness it will be a delicate matter” Nuño Mayer said.

He ratified that there are “two options for the leadership of section 22: continue opposing the reform and not abide it, and in this sense they will find what they have so far, a government very firm on applying the law, that will not back away, that will continue until the reform is implemented”.

The second option, he said, “is the one I want to invite the leadership of section 22 to value and to choose as their route and it is the way of acceptance of the reform and from then on it is a dialogue in favor of education in Oaxaca”.

In the city of Oaxaca Nuño Mayer met with businessmen who recognized that, with the recovery of the stewardship of the state in educational matters, social pressure had been reduced, for which they asked no to let the guard down.

The Secretary of Public Education assured that not all resistances has been vanquished and took a moment to recognize the work of Oaxaca governor Gabino Cué, with whom, he added, he had worked to disappear the State Institute of Public Education (IEEPO)ever since Nuño was chief of the Office of the President of the Republic.

Through a statement the CNTE rejected the presence of Nuño in the Sate and demanded a debate to expose their arguments against the educational reform.

Next Monday February the 29th the results of the performance assessments for November and December will be presented,and with it the new strategy of qualification and formation of the teachers, which will have an investment that has grown from one thousand 800 million to 2 thousand 400 millions pesos.

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