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  • North American Countries to Discuss Strategies to Protect Monarch Butterflies


22 of February 2016 19:00:23

BY MARICELA BASTIDAThe NewsMexico, Canada and the United States will meet from the 22 to 26 of February to establish collaborative actions for the conservation of the migratory route of the monarch butterfly.In the meeting experts on the subject defined the priorities of communication that will permit the identification of allies in the three country that will participate in regional, national and continental networks, facilitating the dialogue between different sectors and create cooperative synergies.Mexico will be represented by the Secretary of the Environment and Natural Resources Rafael Pacchinano Alamán and by Alejandro Del Mazo Maza, National Commissioner of Protected National Areas.Investigators, academic institutions, government agencies and civil society organizations will also participate in the meeting. They will exchange knowledge and experience to flesh out a trilateral strategy.Three principal causes have been proposed to explain the shrinkage of the monarch butterfly population; the decrease of milkweed caused by the use of herbicides, the change of land use and extreme climate change.

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