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  • Movie Theater Collapses in Tacubaya Neighborhood

  • Workers were tearing down Cine Ermita when a wall collapsed onto Revolución Avenue


17 of March 2016 18:03:23

Emergency services were mobilized to Revolución Avenue and Antonio Maceo Street in the Tacubaya neighborhood after a building that for years operated as a movie theater and was already demolished, registered a collapse that left at left two people injured and a car damaged.The collapse occurred around 3:30 p.m., when workers were operating machinery and knocked down part of a beam that connected two of the principal walls of Cine Ermita.The act caused part of the walls and roof of the building to collapse.

Authorities from Civil Protection suspended the demolition and cordoned off the area. The task was transferred to an agency of the Public Ministry to assign responsibilities.It should be noted that the two wounded were taken to a hospital to be looked over.


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