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  • Mexico will implement strategy against anti-immigrant rhetoric: Ruiz Massieu

  • Comprehensive plan with call on allies within the Mexican and business communities

, Photo: Notimex/Francisco Trujillo

08 of April 2016 20:24:01

DALLAS, Texas – Mexico will apply, in the coming months, a comprehensive strategy to counter the anti-immigrant rhetoric in election campaigns in the United States, announced Mexican Foreign Relations Secretary Claudia Ruiz Massieu.During a two-day work visit in Dallas, Ruiz Massieu told reporters that the strategy will be comprehensive and will run on four main aspects: to inform, communicate, plan and protect.The effort will not come only from the Mexican government, but also "many allies" will be called upon that Mexico has in the United States, where the anti-immigrant rhetoric fomented in election campaigns has spread to several sectors of society.The strategy, she said, will invite, not just the Mexican community itself in this country to participate, but also U.S. entrepreneurs who are involved in the relationship between countries and know that the success of their business depends on the bilateral relationship.

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