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  • Mexicans Grow Desperate for Missing Victims

  • They're increasingly worried three days into the rescue effort

Soldiers hold up closed fists motioning for silence during rescue efforts at the Enrique Rebsamen school in Mexico City, Mexico, Thursday, September 21, 2017, photo: AP/Rebecca Blackwell

21 of September 2017 14:25:45

Outside a collapsed seven-story office building in Mexico City's trendy Roma Norte neighborhood, people have been camped out in tents and on folding chairs since Tuesday's deadly earthquake, anxiously awaiting word of their loved ones.They're increasingly worried three days into the rescue effort — and also getting frustrated with what they say is a lack of information from authorities.Patricia Fernández says her 27-year-old nephew Iván Colin Fernández works as an accountant in the seven-story building, which pancaked to the ground. 

She says the last time they got an update was late yesterday: That about 14 people were believed to be alive inside, and only three had gotten out.Fernández embraced the man's mother, her sister, who wept without stop into Colin Fernández's black fleece sweater.She says she wants more information. In her words, "I think what kills us most is the desperation of not knowing anything."

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