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  • Mancera Defends Driving Restrictions

  • The mayor of Mexico City stressed that the measure was not his decision and that it will be temporary


31 of March 2016 19:30:19

Miguel Ángel Mancera, mayor of Mexico City, said that the measure of restricting circulation for one day a week on all cars, without regard to their performance on emissions tests, is a response to a public health crisis. The measure was decided yesterday by the Megalopolis Environmental Commission (CAMe), which includes representatives from the municipalities that make up the metropolitan area."The easiest thing, politically, would be to say that we won’t participate," said Mancera. "But we can’t do that, because that would put the population at risk. Mexico City is going to participate."The mayor of the capital said that environmental specialists have been alarmed at increases in pollution, and clarified that the decision was not made by the government of Mexico City.“The decision was made by the whole region, and we are going to observe it.”Mancera said that all vehicles owned by the city government will observe the Hoy No Circula regulations, and announced a 500 million-peso investment in new buses for public transit.

The decision was made by the whole region, and we are going to observe it.”-Miguel Ángel Mancera, Mayor of Mexico City
“We are going to buy about 190 or 210 new buses, high quality buses, Euro 5 with all the latest technology, that’s what we need to do, We are also going to buy new garbage trucks, a lot of our garbage trucks are from 1970, garbage trucks from 1970 pollute 80 percent more.”He said that 80 percent of pollution in the city is caused by the 5 million cars that circulate every day, and he said that he would respect the decision by the Megalopolis Environmental Commission (CAMe) to expand Hoy No Circula.


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