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  • Lozano Boosts Housing Sector


51105107. México, 5 Nov. 2015 (Notimex-José Pazos).- El gobernador de Aguascalientes, Carlos Lozano de la Torre, participó en el panel "Diferentes perspectivas de México", dentro del The 25TH Anniversary México Summit. NOTIMEX/FOTO/JOSÉ PAZOS/JPF/EBF,

21 of February 2016 14:26:21

The national president of the National Committee for Housing Development (Canadevi), Fernando Abusaid Quinard, said that Gov. Carlos Lozano de la Torre is key to the housing industry in Mexico, as he has always worked in favor of the housing industry with the goal that citizens have adequate and dignified housing.In this sense, the governor was recognized for his leadership in Canadevi and for his support of the housing industry, which has helped to created more jobs and dignified housing for Mexicans.Luis Antonio Godina Herrera, vocal executive of the Housing Fund of the Institute for Social Security and Services for Government Employees (FOVISSSTE); Paloma Silva, the director of the National Housing Commission (Conavi); Senator María Elena Barrera, president of the Senate Housing Commission; and the members of Canadevi Aguascalientes also recognized Lozano de la Torre for this for in favor of the housing industry.At the 34th Canadevi National Directive Council, the governor, after receiving his recognition, said that housing has always been a personal commitment of his and that he has always made proposals that promote the growth of this sector, which have incorporated into President Enrique Peña Nieto's New Housing National Policy.Accompanied by Abusaid Quinard, Lozano de la Torre said that Aguascalientes is the first state in the country that implements an Urban Reform, complemented by a green public policy that links planning, territory organization, housing, access to infrastructure and the citizen to the environment to fight climate change, segregation, overcrowding and insecurity.“With its experience and leadership, Aguascalientes heads national efforts to implement a thematic agenda for the Urban Reform,” Lozano de la Torre said.

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