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  • Low-Income UAEM Students Benefit from FAAPAUAEM Scholarship

  • Rector Jorge Olvera García announces scholarship to be awarded May 15

, photo: Courtesy of UAEM

22 of April 2016 11:42:46

The Autonomous University of the State of Mexico (UAEM) will create the Federation of Autonomous Associations of UAEM Academic Staff (FAAPAUAEM) scholarship, which will be awarded May 15 to low-income students, rector Jorge Olvera García announced during a ceremony that also recognized professors with 25 and 30 years of years of service.The rector said that the general secretary of FAAPAUAEM, Víctor Manuel Pineda Gutiérrez, will present the initiative to the union group. The initiative's only objective is to support more students in completing their studies.After being recognized for 30 years of academic service in the law department, Olvera García donated a check, part of which was donated to two anthropology students from the Matlatzinca and Mazahua communities, and to an actuary student with motor disabilities.At the event, the rector also recognized the teaching staff. Olvera García said that this year UAEM celebrates being one of the most important universities in Mexico and Latin America because of its quality education, its students' excellence, its humanitarian spirit and its growth in the community.Olvera García closed by saying that UAEM is one of the best Mexican universities because of its students' collaborative work.

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