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  • INAI Hosts Anti-corruption Forum

  • National Institute of Transparency, Access to Information and Protections of Personal Data (INAI) brings together experts and officials to discuss best practices and proposals

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11 of April 2016 17:20:40

MEXICO CITY – The National Institute of Transparency, Access to Information and Protections of Personal Data (INAI) is presenting a forum beginning Monday titled La Información en el Combate a la Corrupción ¿Cómo Nos Arreglamos? (Information in Combating Corruption: How Do We Arrange It?), that convenes experts from the government, civil society and the media to discuss anti-corruption proposals and practices in Mexico.

So far eight states have approved local laws on general transparency, said the head of theNational Institute of Transparency, Access to Information and Protection of Personal Data (INAI), Ximena Puente de la Mora.

She said that through constitutional obligation, states must reconcile their transparency laws, giving a deadline of May 5.

Puente de la Mora added that the INAI analyzed eight initiatives prior to their approval by the local congresses.

”We have emphasized and noted that reached the time of the May 5, 2016 if there are some states that have not done their harmonization process will begin to implement the Act or at the time will be given to you to know what the situation those states that hopefully not but have failed to complete the process insist we hope that we are not working with all our institutional capacity to make it happen," said Puente de la Mora.

For his party, Public Affairs Secretary Virgilio Andrade Martínez stated that dialogue and consensus form how the federal government will arrange approving secondary laws that will complete the National Anti-Corruption System.

The secretary stressed that agreements reached by the current administration are a product of the capacity reflected with the approval of 13 constitutional amendments derived from the Pact for Mexico, a political agreement ratified in December 2012.Andrade Martínez said, "Here we will arrange to approve secondary laws that will complement the National Anticorruption System, with initiatives such as those presented by President Enrique Peña Nieto since he was the winning candidate to create the Anti-Corruption Commission since July 2012, with citizen initiatives that we all know, and have the important support of people interested in the subject and was presented this year.""So we are going to manage with dialogue, with openness to other positions, and knowing that some voices and some of our parts will be included in the final construction that will be a product of everyone," he continued.The forum continues through Tuesday, April 12.


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