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Gasolines Entering Mexico Will Have International Quality Specifications

Carriers and oil distributors may conduct quality tests on a biannual basis and not for each batch transported or distributed

Pemex gas station, photo: Cuartoscuro
1 week ago

The Federal Commission for Regulatory Improvement (Cofemer) granted exemption to present the Regulatory Impact Statement (MIR) on the amendment to Mexican Official Standard NOM-016-CRE-2016, “Petroleum quality specifications”, submitted by the Energy Regulatory Commission, since it does not imply compliance costs for individuals.

The modification to NOM-016 allows gasolines with internationally accepted quality specifications, but which are outside the specifications established by the Standard, to be marketed in the area called “Rest of the country”.

Thus, the metropolitan areas of Guadalajara, Monterrey and the Valley of Mexico are left out.

With the amendment to NOM-016 to allow the importation and production of gasolines with up to 10 percent ethanol, such as those marketed in the United States, could lead to a reduction in the sale price of fuel, since the consumer will have more buying options.

In addition, it seeks to encourage competition and the possibility of choice, due to price and availability conditions.

Also, with the incorporation of the authorization that allows adding cetane enhancement additives to diesel, the authorization process of this alternative method will be eliminated.

Equally, documents proving that additional additives not specified in NOM-016 are recognized by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will be accepted as valid.

Carriers and oil distributors may conduct quality tests on a biannual basis and not for each batch transported or distributed.

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