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  • Freedom Denied to Duarte’s Former Spokeswoman

  • María Georgina Domínguez Colio, Javier Duarte's ex-spokeswoman, was denied her freedom following her May 20 arrest

Gina Domínguez, a former spokeswoman for the government of Javier Duarte, was detained May 20, for the crime of diversion of resources, a judge issued a year preventive custody, photo: Cuartoscuro/Alberto Roa

29 of May 2017 14:55:31

María Georgina Domínguez Colio, former spokeswoman for Javier Duarte de Ochoa, was denied freedom Monday, as a district judge denied the appeal against the arrest warrant.

Through demand 593/2017, Domínguez Colio sought to reverse the informal pre-trial detention order against her. She is being charged for abuse of authority, breach of a legal duty and coalition against public service.

Domínguez Colio, will remain in prison. Although her crimes are not serious, the control judge considers her to represent a major risk to the investigation if she’s given her freedom. 

Domínguez Colio was detained Saturday May 20, 2017 in Xalapa, Veracruz by the ministerial police.


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