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Flavino Ríos Under House Arrest

Flavino Ríos will be allowed to continue his criminal proceedings from his home, due to a medical problem

March 12, 2017, Flavino Ríos Alvarado was detained by the State Prosecutor's Office accused of helping Javier Duarte escape justice, photo: Cuartoscuro/Alberto Roa
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3 months ago

Interim governor for Veracruz, Flavino Ríos Alvarado will continue to be under house arrest due to the fact that he is undergoing surgery. This past Monday, he had a hearing in the Veracruz courts, which he failed to attend. The defense presented bail money and the governor’s passport to prove that he had not fled the country.

Ríos Alvarado is accused of abusing authority, money laundering and helping former Veracruz Gov. Javier Duarte de Ochoa escape.

Ríos Alvarado will be allowed to continue his criminal proceedings from his home, due to a severe problem with his blood pressure for which he has been in treatment for two weeks in a private hospital.

It was the State Prosecutor’s Office that asked the control judge to sentence Ríos Alvarado to preventive prison, as they presented the proof that he ordered Ricardo Casanova Morales to give Duarte de Ochoa a plane. The previous statement was admitted by the very own Ríos Alvarado to Televisa reporters.

Duarte fled on October 14, while the Attorney General’s Office (PGR) released the order for his arrest on the 19th.

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