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  • Fire Kills Six in Coyoacán

  • Children were the victims in the tragedy at the Ajusco neighborhood

, photo: Cuartoscuro/Armando Monroy

01 of July 2016 14:47:13

MEXICO CITY — A fire left six people dead and three injured Friday afternoon in a building located in the Ajusco neighborhood in Coyoacán.Mexico City's Civil Protection Secretary Fausto Lugo García confirmed that the incident occurred in a house on Moctezuma street, near the corner of Avenida Azteca.The official said that the deaths included three adults and three children, resulting from the collapse of a metal structure caused by the fire."The report that we have is of three people are injured and  six people dead — three children and three adults. It is a two-level house, where chairs and tables were rented out," Lugo García said.Police reported that the emergency was attended by fire department staff, the Emergency Medical and Rescue Squad (ERUM) and the Red Cross, as well as police and public safety officers.Experts from the Mexico City Attorney General's Office (PGJDF) conducted proceedings to determine the cause that led to the fire.The events were told to the prosecutor assigned to the Coyoacán Coordination of Public Security and Law Number 4.

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