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EPN Speaks on Education Reform

He said that today students are taking classes, teachers are open to dialogue and authorities are willing to listen

Enrique Peña Nieto leaves the Supreme Court on Dec. 14, photo: Cuartoscuro/Adolfo Vladimir
By Víctor Mayén Whatsapp Twitter Facebook Share
9 months ago

President Enrique Peña Nieto reaffirmed that the future of Mexico is not negotiable and the educational reform is law, and will continue to be implemented throughout the country. He emphasized that through continual dialogue, they can start laying the foundations of the reform so that it can be fully implemented.

In responding to parliamentary questions in the context of its Fourth Government Report, Peña Nieto stated that in no way had the modification or rejection of this reform been discussed with the National Coordinator of Education Workers (CNTE).

He commented that in the dialogue tables with the CNTE, only local administrative matters were dealt with, like the regularization of teachers.

Although he admitted that there are areas of opportunity for improvement, as has already been done with the reconsideration of the educational evaluation by the National Institute of Education Assessment (INEE), Mexico’s future is not negotiable.

He stressed that the federal government has shown its willingness to keep an open dialogue and maintain communication with the public. Thanks to this, they have managed to meet demands and resolve conflicts, in accordance with the law and within the framework of democratic rules.

He acknowledged that the conflict with the CNTE is a complex issue, which does not have its origin in his administration and in which there are rooted interests that seek to escalate the conflict.

Peña Nieto said that it was from dialogue with the CNTE that he was able to lift the blockades in Oaxaca. The doors were opened so that the teachers could exercise their demands through institutional channels.

He said that today students are taking classes, teachers are open to dialogue and authorities are willing to listen.

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