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  • Electoral Officials to Receive Monthly Allowances

  • Employees of the National Electoral Institute will receive extra payment for extra work done in preparation of the June 5 elections

MÉXICO, D.F., 19FEBRERO2015.- Lorenzo Córdova Vianello, Consejero Presidente del Instituto Nacional Electoral durante la inauguración de la mesa de Analisis sobre la definición de las distracciones electorales.FOTO: ENRIQUE ORDÓÑEZ /CUARTOSCURO.COM, photo: Cuartoscuro/Enrique Ordóñez

27 of April 2016 13:25:33

The Executive General Board of the National Electoral Institute (INE) approved monthly allowances for district and local electoral advisers that amount to 27,277 pesos ($1,568) and 18,997 pesos per month, respectively. The monthly allowances will complement the salaries of the INE officials.It also granted compensation for personnel from the INE (with the exception of upper-level officials) for work performed for the 14 elections that will take place on June 5, including the election of the Mexico City Constitutional Assembly. Head advisor Lorenzo Córdova Vianello said that this measure will only benefit those directly involved in the elections. He also said that the payments will be half the size of those legally required, as the INE has half the budget that it had last year.A political-electoral reform package in 2014 dissolved the Federal Electoral Institute (IFE) and passed its duties to the INE.“If it weren’t for the electoral reform of 2014, we wouldn’t need to be talking about special compensation for INE officials for extra work performed during election season, because there wouldn’t have been elections,” said Córdova Vianello. “Now, we are directly involved in 13 elections as well as the election of the Mexico City Constitutional Assembly.”

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