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  • Conflicts Arise in Sinaloa

  • There has yet to be anyone detained

, photo: Cuartoscuro/Rashide Frias

09 of February 2017 15:26:27

In less than three days there have been five conflicts in Sinaloa with a total of 12 people dead. There has yet to be anyone detained.Last Sunday in Culiacán, two people were injured. Later, a confrontation broke out in the neighborhood La Costera, also located in the capital, in which two people were killed.A third conflict broke out on Monday morning in the neighborhood Libertad, south of Culiacán, where some men fired at a patrol car in which military personnel were traveling, according to reports from the Culiacán Public Security Secretariat.The fourth violent event occurred Wednesday morning in a clash in the neighborhood Villas del Real, in which six people lost their lives, including a Navy guard.However, Tuesday afternoon saw the most violent of the attacks, during a confrontation on Villa Juárez and Navolato, which left four people dead, among them a pregnant woman.

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