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  • Canadian Senators: Mexico's Prosperity Goes Beyond NAFTA

  • Relations between Mexico, the United States and Canada are not based solely on NAFTA, Andreychuck said

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08 of March 2017 16:00:10

Members of the Foreign Affairs and International Commerce Committee of the Canadian Senate stated on Wednesday that Mexico’s prosperity does not necessarily depend on the North American Trade Agreement (NAFTA).During the meeting held with legislators of the Mexican Senate’s Commission for North American Foreign Relations, Committee Chair Anita Raynell Andreychuck said Canada is working towards facilitating trade between both nations. She also mentioned that returns between both nations yield around $40 billion a year.Andreychuck also said that relations between Mexico, the United States and Canada are not based solely on NAFTA and called for a discussion and assessment of a series of trilateral and bilateral initiatives geared towards improving the economic well-being of the region.“Commerce agreements are a paramount element, however, they are not the only road to achieve economic prosperity. We must also consider new services such as technology and innovation; as well as social, cultural and political relations. The strengthening of these areas will bring more opportunities and prosperity,” said Andreychuck.

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