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  • Aurelio Nuño Discusses New Educational Model with Governors

  • The creation of the new educational model is mandated by the education reform

, photo: Cuartoscuro/Adolfo Vladimir

26 of July 2016 17:26:26

Public Education Secretary Aurelio Nuño Mayer and members of the National Conference of Governors (Conago) have met to discuss the new education model.

Nuño Mayer explained that the meeting marks the start of the process of analysis, discussion and enrichment of the new education model, and that officials are more than half-finished talking about the educational reform.

Nuño Mayer said that the new educational model is mandated by the reform and that its pedagogical proposals can be considered the second phase of reform. Nuño Mayer hopes that the discussions will create a pedagogy appropriate for the 21st century.

During the conference, Nuño Mayer recognized the efforts of each one of the governors, with education being established as a priority, as something that allows for the overcoming of inequality and poverty in a globalized world.

Morelos Governor Graco Ramírez said that the various parties are approaching consensus.

"We are able to send a message here today: educational reform is moving ahead; educational reform is a democratic consensus, educational reform is a process and we are part of that process," he said.

As coordinator of Conago's Education Commission, Ramírez added that Secretary Nuño Mayer "has taken a clear reading of the entire process and has presented a collection of proposals to which we are ultimately going to listen."

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