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  • At Least 22 Anomalies Found in Paso Exprés Audit

  • The audited parties were notified of the results and will have 45 days to act accordingly

In this July 17, 2017 photo, men work to repair Cuernavaca's Paso Exprés, in which a sinkhole opened up on July 12, causing the death of two people, photo: Cuartoscuro/Margarito Pérez Retana

13 of September 2017 09:45:33

Mexico's Public Affairs Secretariat (SFP) found at least 22 irregularities before and during the construction of Cuernavaca's Paso Exprés.Among the irregularities found are: anomalies in the bidding and adjudication processes; lack of documentation for work allegedly done; overpay; deficient planning and programming for the project and services related to its making; inadequate supervising of the project and its coordination services; and oversight of technical recommendations in relation to the work done on kilometer 93.The audited parties were notified of the results and will have 45 days to act accordingly. Disciplinary measures will be taken in case of improper conduct or if recommendations are not attended to.The companies involved in the Paso Exprés project agreed on September 6 to grant an undisclosed amount for reparations to the family of those killed by the sinkhole.

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