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17 of May 2017 20:05:57

THURSDAYWhat is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of New Zealand? If your answer is The Lord of the Rings, you need to expand your field of reference. We suggest the best way to get in touch with Kiwi culture is to catch the New Zealand Film Festival. This traveling festival will be showing the latest productions of the island nation in Mexico City until Sunday 21. Check out the programs at La Cineteca, La Casa del Cine and Cine Tonalá.Finish work or finish procrastinating early and go out into the city. Just because, really, because Nabuzenko starts playing at 9 p.m., which allows more than enough time to arrive at the Nuevo Foro Hilvana on time. Travel far and wide with the gypsy sounds of this ensemble that plays music from distant, non-existent places. Entrance is free and mezcales are delicious.FRIDAYThe effort invested in remaining still is as strenuous as that involved in maintaining motion, and silence is as deafening as a blast. These poetic reflections are not our personal views but questions that Makiko Tominaga brings to stage and dances to in En silencio, a butoh performance that deals with time, space and perception. This piece is part of the dance presentations of the International Festival of Butoh Dance in Latin America Cuerpos en Revuelta that will be taking place at the Museo Universitario del Chopo. Be there at 8 p.m. Tickets are 100 pesos.SATURDAYIf the current state of affairs is bringing you down, here's the remedy for your troubled heart: Gala de flamenco. Seriously. This blessed mixture of song and dance can uplift your spirits in ways you have never imagined. This brilliant program includes Tiempo, an adaptation of a choreographic investigation carried out in Mexico from 1950-1980 performed by the Compañía de Baile Flamenco Marién Luévano; Caminando by the Compañía Flamenca Rubio Cuevas; and Mi alma by the Compañía de Danza María Elena Anaya, at Palacio de Bellas Artes, of course, 7 p.m. Tickets start at 101 pesos.SUNDAYLearn about the first of the three cultures that inhabited and named Tlatelolco: the mighy tlatelolcas. No, it is not a lecture but an In Situ Class led by Professor Arturo Huesca, specialist in pre-hispanic iconography and art. Walk around what used to be one of the most important commercial sites in Mesoamerica and enjoy the unique opportunity to analyze the Stevenhagen collection next to an expert. Remember to wear sunblock and a hat, bring enough water and be at CCU Tlatelolco at noon. To book a spot check out the procedure at the Clase in Situ Facebook event.

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