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Weekly Horoscopes

Venus enters Cancer on Monday

Venus, photo: Cuartoscuro/Rashide Frías
By Nicole DeFuria Whatsapp Twitter Facebook Share
3 weeks ago

On Monday, Venus enters Cancer. Venus controls all things in your romantic life and Cancer, being the mother of the zodiac, symbolizes long lasting connections, comfort and sentimental feelings. This means, an astrological nesting season, or cuffing season if you will. We’re going to start feeling all those warm, cozy Cancer feelings of nostalgia. Maybe things will start getting serious with a loved one. Now might be the perfect time to ask a that burning question you’ve been wanting to ask but was too afraid to.

You’re feeling homey and comfortable with your relationship or you might be longing for one. Now is the time for you to really reflect on your interpersonal relationships.

Keywords: Introspection, reflection

You’re going through a lot of changes recently. Change is hard for you, Taurus, but this week, try to make peace with all this change in your life and heal.

Keywords: Peace, healing

This week is all about your finances. Focus on business opportunities, update your LinkedIn profile, make connections with possible collaborators. Use your famous charm and ability to mingle to your advantage this week.

Keywords: Business, finances, opportunities

Oh, Cancer! Sometimes you worry that all those people you care so much about don’t care as much about you. They do. They just show it a little differently. This week, Venus is moving into your sign. Remember to let in all that love that people are sending your way. Remember that people care about you. You are not alone.

Keywords: Love

You are known to move fast and be hasty sometimes, but it is important to remember to slow down. This week, go for a walk.

Keywords: Pace, velocity

This week is great for your career. Focus on your work and make sure you turn in all those projects you are working on.

Keywords: Career, projects

Libra, you think too much. Please stop. You have a lot going on right now, but don’t overanalyze. You also think a lot about what is the “right thing to do” and about others’ advice. What do YOU want? This week could do wonders for your career, so keep your options open.

Keywords: Tranquility

Take some time alone this week or spend it with someone you are very close to. Now is not the time to party and mingle. Take care of yourself. Read. Eat. Relax. Sleep.

Keywords: Self-care

You are feeling extra creative this week. Work on a project that you have started. Write. Paint. Whatever it is, get all that creative energy out in the open.

Keywords: Creativity, art, ideas

Capricorn, I know this is hard for you. You don’t like opening up to people, but it might be what you need right now. Spend time with those you care about and try to make meaningful connections. But, really try.

Keywords: Vulnerability, connections

So many emotions. You’re feeling so much right now, but don’t let your emotions overtake your life. Try not to focus too much on them, as they could get in the way of your job performance.

Keywords: Emotions, feelings

Have some fun this week, Pisces! You deserve it. Go out. Forget about your problems.

Keywords: Party, fun

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