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Limantour Debuts New Cocktail Menu

The menu showcases Latin America's rich flavors

Bartender prepares cocktail at Limantour, photo: Courtesy of Limantour
By The News Whatsapp Twitter Facebook Share
1 year ago

Named the best bar in Latin America of 2015, Limantour debuts its new drink menu. The upscale bar, which opened in 2011, was also ranked number 20 on the list of the World’s 50 Best Bars in both 2015 and 2016.

The new menu, called The Latin Blend, emphasizes using ingredients native to Latin America, showcasing the region’s rich flavors. The menu was inspired by themes of identity, history and roots.

The News staff members sampled an array of the new menu’s offerings. Some of the cocktails include the Texmelucan, Vicuña, San Pancho and Mancora.

Photo: The News/Martha Pskowski

The Texmelucan (top left) and classic Jamaica Mezcal (bottom left). Photo: The News/Martha Pskowski

The Texmelucan, a Caribbean-inspired rum-based drink, was birthed in the Pueblan city from which it was named. The cocktail’s presentation is eye-catching, a bold black ice-filled mug with bright green mint and dehydrated banana poking out the top. The flavors are incredible too. The smooth rum is sugared nicely and reduces the natural aniseed taste of the absinthe. It also has fruity flavors, with Ancho Reyes offering smoky overtones and aftertaste. “The Texmelucan had a strong, complex flavor unlike anything I’ve tried before,” said The News staff member Peter Appleby.

Photo: Courtesy of Limantour

The Vicuña. Photo: Courtesy of Limantour

The Vicuña, named after the Chilean city where pisco (a typical colorless brandy) is made, is a drink where Mexico and Chile come together. Containing mezcal and pisco, the Vicuña is centered around the concept of air, represented in the cocktail through an element of smoke. The drink features pineapple juice obtained from fruit that has been through a smoking process, which helps preserve its flavor. “The cocktail was really refreshing and made me think of being at the beach,” said The News staff member Guillermo Verduzco.

Photo: Courtesy of Limantour

Photo: Courtesy of Limantour

The San Pancho, the most expensive drink on the menu, is unique in that it is served with a decanter, making it actually about five drinks. The concoction is made with Tequila Calle 23 Reposado, vermouth and sherry and is topped with a pansy.

Photo: Courtesy of Limantour

The Mancora. Photo: Courtesy of Limantour

The Mancora is a fruity number laced with Malbec wine and Campari. Enjoyable and sweet, it leaves little aftertaste. Straight-forward but fun, the Mancora is a cocktail to ease you into an evening.

Although Limantour boasts their new selection, their classic cocktails, like Mr. Pink and Jamaica Mezcal, are still available. Mr. Pink is a light and aromatic drink containing Gin Beefeater, grapefruit and hibiscus juice, rosemary, lime and basil. The Jamaica Mezcal is spicier with Mezcal Unión, lime, hibiscus syrup, clove, mint and cardamom, topped with an orange slice and sal de gusano.

All of the cocktails on the menu (except for the San Pancho) range in price from 115 to 180 pesos.

Limantour has two locations. The original is located in the Roma Norte neighborhood, and their newer location, which opened in 2013, can be found in Polanco.

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