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Jurors Say Hogan Was Distressed by Publication of Sex Tape

Hogan sued Gawker for invasion of privacy after it published the video

Hulk Hogan
2 years ago

The six jurors who sided with Hulk Hogan in his lawsuit over the publication of a sex tape said they believe the ex-pro wrestler was emotionally distressed over it.

In an ABC News interview that aired Thursday morning, the jurors said that despite Hogan’s celebrity status, he’s still a human being. They awarded him $140 million in his lawsuit against Gawker Media.

“If we were all in the same circumstance, how would we feel about it?” juror Paula Eastman said. “And, emotionally, we would have all been pretty devastated.”

El ex luchador profesional Hulk Hogan, izquierda, junto a la abogada Seema Ghatnekar se preparan para tomar un descanso justo antes de que el jurado recibiera el caso de Hogan contra Gawker Media para deliberar en torno a él, el viernes 18 de marzo de 2016, en St. Petersburg, Florida. Hogan, cuyo verdadero nombre es Terry Bollea, demandó a Gawker por 100 millones de dólares por difundir un video de él mientras sostenía relaciones sexuales con la esposa de su exmejor amigo. Hogan afirma que dicha difusión en 2012 violó su privacidad. (Boyzell Hosey/The Tampa Bay Times vía AP, Pool)

The ex-wrestler was awarded $140 million in his lawsuit against Gawker Media Photo: Boyzell Hosey/The Tampa Bay Times.

In an interview that aired Thursday, Hogan told NBC’s “Today” show he hasn’t watched the tape, adding it was “the most embarrassing moment of my life.”

He sued Gawker for invasion of privacy after it published the video in which he has sex with his friend’s wife online. Hogan said he didn’t know he was being recorded. Gawker said the footage was newsworthy information about a public figure, and protected by the First Amendment.

Hogan also said he is accountable for his actions.

“I blame myself because you’re at an all-time low, you have nobody. My gut was telling me something’s wrong and I made the worst decision of my life,” he said.

Hulk Hogan, cuyo nombre verdadero es Terry Bollea, izquierda, sale de la corte después de que el jurado anunció su decisión el lunes 21 de marzo de 2016, en St. Petersburg, Florida. Momentos después de que un jurado de Florida impusiera a Gawker Media y a su fundador una indemnización punitiva por 25 millones de dólares por publicar un video sexual de Hulk Hogan, el exluchador dijo a reporteros que él y su equipo legal “hicieron historia”. (Foto AP/Tamara Lush)

Gawker said the footage was newsworthy information about a public figure”. Photo: AP/Tamara Lush.

Salina Stevens, another juror in the case, said she looked for signs of remorse from Gawker Media founder Nick Denton but didn’t see any.

Denton, who says he’ll appeal the verdict, told ABC he still believes the sex tape was newsworthy. He also said he does not think Hogan is credible when he says he did not know he was being recorded.

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