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  • Retail and Wholesale Sales at its Lowest Since December 2014

  • Retail and wholesale trade revenues at the close of 2015 were reported at the lowest growth for the year


22 of February 2016 18:43:26


Retail and wholesale trade revenues at the close of 2015 were reported at the lowest growth for the year, standing at 3.9 annual figures and one point respectively.

According to data reported by the National Statistics and Geography Institute (INEGI), retail outlets increased 3.9 units after in August its earnings rebounded to 6.2 percent, which were along with the lowest revenue since December 2014.

Wholesale stores increased their income by just one percentage point, a level not seen since June 2014, and far from the top growth of last cycle which was 8.8 units.

This resulted from a reduction in spending on Mexicans in goods and services, which fell 2.5 points in December, while retail rose by 5.4, according to INEGI.

However, within local wholesaling, the actual average earnings ended the year with a positive differential of 5.3 units, and in retail an increase of 1.7 units.

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