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  • German Toolmakers Open up Shop in San Miguel de Allende

  • A joint operation between three German toolmakers was opened in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato on Wednesday

, photo: The News/Ricardo Castillo

12 of May 2016 14:31:07

SAN MIGUEL DE ALLENDE — A three-pronged German tool making industry was inaugurated Wednesday at the Polygon Industrial Park.Guanajuato state Gov. Miguel Márquez and San Miguel de Allende mayor Ricardo Villarreal led the proceedings to put into operation the three-company joint venture named BHTC, RAFI and LANGER.Also heading the inaugural ceremony was Germany’s ambassador to Mexico Viktor Elbling accompanied by BHTC president Thomas Schulte, and the president of the German Chamber of Commerce of Mexico Johannes Hauser.Also on the presentation stage were Langer owner Martin Hanselmann as well as RAFI Automotive CEO Theo Bei.The new complex is made up of one large plant for BHTC which is connected by two tunnels leading to RAFI Automotive and LANGER Mexico.Mayor Villarreal said that the newcomers to an area better known as a tourist spot than an industrial venue will bring together one thousand new jobs.“Many people doubt if industry can thrive along with one of the most important tourism spots in the world and the answer is of course, yes, if it is done orderly with respect to the environment. The objective is to bring jobs to the people of San Miguel de Allende,” an area, Villarreal has pointed out, that suffers from an average nine percent unemployment rate.The three companies manufacture auto parts as well as tools for the automotive industry.


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