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The News – Capital Media
  • Daily Exchange: U.S. Dollar Selling for 18.41 in Mexico City Banks

  • Euro and yen make gains, at 20.97 and 0.185 pesos respectively


08 of June 2016 12:57:16

At midday Wednesday, banks in Mexico City are offering the U.S. dollar at up to 18.47 pesos, four centavos more compared with its opening price, and are buying the dollar at a minimum of 17.63 pesos.Meanwhile, the euro is being sold at up to 20.97 pesos, representing an increase of five centavos in respect to its opening, and the yen is offered at up to 0.185 pesos.CI Bank analysts point out that even if the dollar seems to record a slight recovery, it continues its downward trend as a result of a delayed reaction to an expected rise in interest rates by the United States.

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