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  • Cofece Supports Bilateral Air Transport Agreement

  • Routes between Mexico and the United States will be open to more airlines

50109073. México, D.F.- La comisionada presidenta de la Cofece, Alejandra Palacios Prieto participó en una ponencia del “Seminario de Perspectivas Económicas 2015” en el ITAM. NOTIMEX/FOTO/NICOLÁS TAVIRA/NTA/POL/,

29 of February 2016 12:55:48

The Federal Commission of Economic Competence (Cofece) underlined it’s complete support for bilateral air transport agreement between Mexico and the United States. The agreement will offer several benefits to consumers, said Cofece President Alejandra Palacios.

“We support the agreement. Currently, only two air transport lines are permitted to use cross-border routes — two domestic and two foreign. For example, only two national airlines can operate on the Mexico-New York route, and only two U.S. airlines can work the same route,” she said.

"Once this agreement is put into action ... the demand for access to cross-border transport routes will increase."Alejandra Palacios, President, Cofece

Such regulations limit demand for the service, despite the fact prices could be much better without such limitations, according to Palacios. The new deal is essential as it will establish the framework to eliminate these market barriers, she said.

“Once this agreement is put into action and the rules restricting each country to two airlines are removed, the demand for access to cross-border transport routes will increase,” said Palacios.

The Cofece president added that according to several studies, when transport routes are opened up to three airlines for the first time, airline tickets drop by up to 30 percent, which will obviously benefit travelers.


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